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Little Dave

Dave Harp / Monday / 4:00pm-6:00pm

Little Dave started out as a vinyl DJ on the Bournemouth Rockin scene and guest spots in different venues Progressed quickly to front man in numerous bands, Singing, songwriting, Harmonica & rhythm guitar Bands including The Backbeats, Hullabalues, Harpin On, Blue Moon Boys, Be Bop A Lula - Gene Vincent Tribute band, Endorsed by Gene Vincent's daughter Melody Craddock & Sherri Vincent. Also Little Dave & The Sun Sessions With Dave's love of music ranging from hillbilly, country, Rockabilly, Rock n Roll, RnB and blues He's has Monday's drive time slot 4 - 6pm on Rockin 50s Radio to share some of his favourite music with you.

Martin Riddo

Martin Riddo/ Monday/ 6pm-8pm

Riddo has only been presenting on radio since June 2021 but is no stranger to Rockin' music having been performing in bands for many decades. He's a songwriter too so is often tinkering on his guitar. He likes to relax tucked up in his pub shed with his wife, a pint of homebrew and a pizza, all the while listening to Rockin' 50's radio (ofcourse!)

Dave Moffatt

Dave Moffatt/ Monday / 8pm-10pm

its goin to be agreat show

Rockin Graham

Rockin Graham / Tuesday/Thurday/ 9am-12noon

Station Presenter

Howlin Howie

Mark Howard / Tuesday / 4pm-6pm

Hello Howlin Howie here, been listening to Rock n Roll and Rockabilly since I was about 7 years old. Just love it. My wife Susan and I run Sandlands Rock n Roll Club and we get out to as many gigs as possible. Really excited about this new station. Looking forward to seeing how it grows.

Bouncing Piet

Bouncing Piet / Tuesday / 6pm-8pm

Sinds onze tienerjaren luisteren mijn vrouw en ik naar rock-'n-rollmuziek. We hebben dit van thuis meegekregen en zijn er altijd in blijven hangen. Toen we een paar jaar geleden overstapten van stijldansen naar rock and roll, ging het allemaal vrij snel. We zijn gevraagd om deel te nemen in het showteam van de dansschool en daarmee hebben we mogen optreden op evenementen, in theaters en besloten feesten door heel Nederland.
My wife and I have been listening to rock and roll music since our teens. We got this from home and have always lingered in it. When we switched from ballroom dancing to rock and roll a few years ago, it all went pretty fast. We were asked to participate in the show team of the dance school and with that we were allowed to perform at events, in theaters and private parties throughout the Netherlands.

Steve Roffey

Steve Roffey/ Tuesday / 8pm-10pm

Gloucestershire born and bred, brought up on a staple diet of classic cars and Rock n Roll music. I began playing in bands aged 17 such as "Somethin' Else" and "The KoolKatz". After Moving down to Cornwall i got back up and running with The Carl Morris Trio until Feb 2020 im back playing now with The Rhythm Hepcats and loving it Married to my darling wife tanya we spend our weekends enjoying bands across the southwest (when I'm not gigging) and love going to The Shakedown each year all this in between working as a delivery driver for Royal Mail Group


Trev Ward/ Wednesday / 8pm-10pm

The G&T SHOW playing all that's best in Rock n Roll and Rockabilly from the 50s to present day..Including Blues boppers , Neo Rockabilly.. Jive.. and hillbilly....Its live on air and requests can be posted on the G&T SHOW facebook page

LJ's Little Rockin Tunes

Lin Vincent/ Thursday / 4pm-6pm

Hi I'm LJ & i've been living and breathing rock n roll since I was 9, when my mum gave me her Bill Haley & Elvis Presley EP's to see if I liked them & the rest is just history. My bedroom walls and any other bit of space, were covered in posters of all the stars of rock n roll, I just couldn't get enough. My dad bought me my first full circle skirt petticoats and everything I need to go out dancing at just 13, seeing Crazy Cavan, Flying Saucers & Gina & the Strollers. Since then I just carried on listening to great tunes & teaching myself to dance & do my hair (lol). I just love dancing & had a good knack of teaching others so started doing that at the beginning of my 30's. Going to gigs, weekenders, vintage fairs and anything else where rock n roll was. At weekenders I always had my friends round the chalets as we got ready listening to music whilst I did their hair for them, I have had such fun on the scene I just just love so many genres of the music that gets my feet tapping and the old heart pumping.

Rockin' PeeWee

Mark Thomas Barnett/ Thursday / 9pm-11pm

Hi I'm mark Thomas Barnett aka peewee!! I've been rockin for 44yrs & djing aswell since then, I started in a youth clubs in the 70s & the rest is history,I'm a vinyl Dj ,never really got into cds although I've got thousands,never done radio before so looking forward to this, so tune in to our great djs & rockin50s radio

Rock 'n' Roll Jukebox

Yan Townsend/ Thursday / 8pm-9pm

It all began when I stood on my toy drum, playing my toy ‘tickar’ (couldn’t say guitar at that age). Music is in my blood. I was brought up with my mum and dad’s record collection, listening to artists like Hank Williams, Glen Campbell, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Little Richard and Marty Robbins. Music was always on around the house and if it wasn’t then my dad would be whistling or singing a song. I have a very broad taste in music but one day back in 1998 I heard the sounds from the Stray Cats coming out of a work tent and soon I was in my first rock n roll band with fellow comrade Mr Pat Winn. In 2011 I joined Pats band ‘Run Devil Run (UK)’ playing rock n roll, Rockabilly and country. We had the pleasure of playing in iconic venues mostly around London including the legendary 12 Bar Club, The 100 Club, The Dublin Castle, The Spice Of Life and The Fiddlers Elbow. My greatest achievement with the band was going to Nashville in 2015 to play a number of gigs and record with legendary singer songwriter Buzz Cason (Everlasting Love). He’s worked with all the greats; James Brown, Carl Perkins, Kenny Rogers, the list goes on. While out in Nash, we even met Buzz’s good friend Billy Swan. An amazing experience I will never forget. The band have also supported the incredible 70s/80s band ‘Darts’ at the 100 Club on Oxford Street. What an honour! Our band also played gigs around London with Kasabian, Turin Brakes and Mark Lammar being in the audiences. Unfortunately The band split in 2020. Pat and I are now writing songs and in 2021 we have recorded at the legendary Western Star Records. I also play in another Rock and Roll band ‘Sammy Jo and The Red Flames’ with unbelievable talent and have played many gigs in the South including the Brentwood Festival, Classic Car Festivals, Eastbourne Vintage Festival and many of the great rock n roll clubs around the country. I am really grateful to Alan (Straughton) and Phil (Moggy) and the team for giving me the opportunity to be a radio presenter with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Jukebox playing classic songs from established rock and roll / rockabilly / country artists and introducing new artists who are currently on the scene. Let’s Rock…and roll!

Lightnin' Lenny

Lenny Allum/ Friday /5pm-7pm

I grew up in the Glam rock era so I naturally got drawn to Rock n Roll and Rockabilly .After hearing the likes of Johnny Burnette , Buddy Holly etc . Sometimes a song from another genre catches my attention if it has a catchy tune . So I tend to play Rock n Roll , Rockabilly with maybe the odd country thrown in just to stir things up a bit . My nickname is Lightnin Len as I am anything but , I have always done things at my pace " Drekley" as they say down here . Rockabilly is my religion and I look forward to sharing it .

Strictly Come Rockin'

Tony Martin/ Friday /3pm-5pm

hi my name is Tony Martin or Rockin' Tony my show is called Strictly Come Rockin' I play everything from the 50's right thru to the modern day bands on the rockin scene I play rockabilly rock 'n' roll doo-wop rockin blues rhythm and blues hillbilly skiffle cajun anything that is rockin

Phil Moggy

Phil Moggy/ Friday /9pm-11pm

hi my name is Phil Moggy I play everything from the 50's right thru to the modern day bands on the rockin scene I play rockabilly rock 'n' roll doo-wop rockin blues rhythm and anything that is rockin'. I'm also known as the Nutter of Rockin50s Radio.

The Saturday Hop Radio Show

Susanne Taggart/Saturday /12pm-1pm

Broadcasting since March 2016, an hour of authentic '50's Rock 'n' Roll & Rockabilly inc. some Jump Blues & Doo-Wop numbers. Plus tracks from the Revival days to the bands on the circuit today.

Rockin Your Sunday Morning

Clive Burham/Sunday /9am-12noon

I was born in UK, 30/11/1963 Love rock n roll music, Play lawn bowls for my local club, and for my county of Kent, and nationally, Play darts for local pub, Also run my own mobile disco. Presenter on Splinterwood Now a presenter on Rockin50s radio

Lady P

Lady P/Sunday /2pm-4pm

>-Great Presenter

Red Hot 'n' Rockin'

Will Warren/Sunday /4pm-6pm

Hi I'm Will Warren and I have been on the rockin scene since the 70s. I have been a DJ since the 70s when I was part of the Lonestar roadshow. my current dj name is Will Warren's Red Hot 'n Rockin. I have been an event organiser of rock n roll events since 2000 when I, along with my wife Jane, started bristol jive club, we have run many successful events over the years. leading from a conversation with kevin Swain from the Roosters, and Dancin Dave Rockin 50s was born, and I'm pleased to say that now Rockin 50s on becoming one of the UK's biggest Rock'N'Roll events organisers.and with our partnership with John Fowlers holidays we are able to offer events to suit everyone., Rockin50s radio, a new venture with Phil Moggy and Mark Howard, let's hope we will be able to bring a little more fun into your lives with our host of live dj's. I hope to catch you at an event soon.

Rockin' Mikey

Mike Ramsay/Sunday /6pm-8pm

For as long as I can remember I've loved Rock'n'Roll. I was brought up around the Rock'n'Roll club scene, which is where my love began. From watching the bands set up, sound checking and playing the best from the 50's, to listening from an early age with my Rock'n'Roll loving family, I was inspired to self teach myself guitar and start my own band and as they say.....the rest is history.

The Rockin Rooster

Kevin Swaine/Sunday /12pm-2pm

Great Presenter

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